Write a Memoir

Veteran and Military Women
The Baltimore County Delta Foundation, Inc. is delighted that you have made a decision to attend this Stand Down event. Our mission is to provide female veterans with the opportunity to develop positive relationships, access resources and relax. We believe that there are extraordinary stories to be shared by female veterans. Your phenomenal story may encourage others to continue their journey with hope and boldness. Thank you for sharing: Special recognition will be given to the top three authors.

Winning authors will be required to share their journey during the Stand Down event.

Essay must be authentic. Must contain information concerning your journey.
Essay must be authored by person submitting the essay.
Essay is limited to five typed pages, single space, 12 inch font.
Essay must contain a release giving the Baltimore County Delta Foundation ownership rights to essay.
Essay must not contain unacceptable language (profanity).
Essay must be emailed by November 10th to the Baltimore County Delta Foundation Essay Committee:

Email address: ejj@bcdeltafoundation.org
Or Fax: 410-944-8524
Writer must agree that all decisions made by the committee are final.

Personal Journey Essay (An Epiphany)
Your personal experience serves as your journey filled with opportunities for growth. What you understand as a result of your life experiences may touch a deep core in others. All that you need to tell your story is a willingness to share your personal experiences and insights with sincerity and boldness.

Step 1 Subject
Decide what to write about. Your civilian life, military experience, transiting back into civilian life, your family, etc. These details of your journey are filled with different emotions, hopes, dreams, inner strengths, loss of loved ones, personal violations, personal achievements, disappointments, courage, etc. What would you like to share? Pick a subject and write about it in the first person.

Step 2 Purpose
Name the reason or inspiration for writing this essay at this specific time. Your idea could be inspired by many difference reasons. Answer the question “Why now” to identify your purpose. Also keep your audience in mind as you write.

Step 3 Angle
Choose how to get into your subject. Let’s say you’re writing about a tour of duty, leaving your family, returning home, etc. Do you begin with your thoughts as you receive your deployment orders? What are your thoughts as you arrive at your base/destination? What was the most outstanding event(s) of this part of your journey? How will you gain the interest of your audience right from the start?

Step 4 Tone
Determine your emotional attitude about your subject. Should the tone of your language be sarcastic, funny, regretful, sad, and argumentative? Ask yourself how you really feel about your subject. That emotion is your tone for the essay. Use diction, dialogue and substance to help create your tone.

Step 5 Anecdote
Tell a story. An effective way to write an essay is to enclose it in a story. Write actual scenes. Set up the essay with a beginning, taking action, highpoint and solution.

Step 6 Epiphany
Show how you ultimately come to terms with the particular situation. This is where a change takes place in your understanding of yourself or the world. The epiphany is a sudden realization. It’s where your personal story shares the lessons learned or very clear self-awareness and insight.

Good Luck! Happy Story Writing!!!