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According to a 2010 US GAO Study, “as more women serve in the military, the number of women veterans has grown substantially, doubling from 4 percent of all veterans in 1990 to 8 percent, or an estimated 1.8 million, today…Some of these women veterans, like their male counterparts, face challenges readjusting to civilian life and are at risk of becoming homeless.  Such challenges may be particularly pronounced for those women veterans who have disabling psychological conditions resulting from military sexual trauma and for those who are single mothers.”

The one of the primary goals of the Baltimore County Delta Foundation (BCDF) is to assist in breaking the cycle of homelessness, abuse, unemployment and disengagement experienced by a significant number of female veterans.  BCDF is committed to providing support services to female veterans residing in Baltimore County.

Support services and activities include providing financial support through Catonsville Community College, offering job readiness and job placement services through the Baltimore County Work Force, serving as a referral source for counseling, housing, social services, continuing education, domestic violence and child care.

Too assist female active duty personnel and female veterans in their transition back into society and to promote family reunification, family oriented support activities, holiday events and support groups are facilitate by the Foundation.
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